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Welcome to A Proud Home, where we want to help you maintain your home so that you can always be proud of it! As you live in your home it gradually gets dirty, broken, and it deteriorates. Whether it is your bathroom, counters, kitchen, or furniture - we're here to help.

Have blood stains on your couch? No problem, we'll help you get that out with various solutions. Need to get dog hair out of your carpet? We'll recommend some methods to get those pesky hairs out! No matter what your issue is we're here to help you find it. On the off chance that we don't have what you're looking for - shoot us a message if you want us to post about any home issue in particular!

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Tiffany Wong

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I'm Tiffany Wong, passionate about a lot of things, but for the purposes of this blog I love finding cleaning hacks and solutions to make sure my house can look amazing at an affordable price such as using lemon juice to clean grout or finding some of the top cleaning products. I don't want people to waste their time or money - so I'll help you find the best ways to keep your house clean so that it's always a proud home!

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