How to Clean and Maintain Your Bidet

If you're new to the experience of owning a bidet, it probably didn't take you long to get used to the change from toilet paper. You might also get addicted to the clean feeling imparted by a bidet, but you also might be a little confused as to how to keep your new bidet clean. 

In fact, cleaning a bidet can be as simple as cleaning a toilet or shower head and this guide will show you the tips and tools needed for cleaning a bidet.

When Should I Clean My Bidet?

In order to preserve longevity, the nozzle area should be cleaned once a month and the whole fixture about once a year. Even with the self-cleaning feature built into bidet seats and attachments, there won't be any physical build-up but bacteria can still remain in those areas. 

Also if the water pressure has weakened over time, that's a sign that your bidet might be partially clogged. You should clean it as soon as possible to bring the water pressure back to normal. 

For the portable bidet, it's important to wash the device after every use. Portable bidets are carried to many different areas and may spread bacteria if not properly cleaned out frequently.

What You Need

Here is a list of the things you'll need for the whole process.

  • Toilet bowl scrubber
  • Cleaning brush or toothbrush 
  • Old piece of cloth
  • Toilet bowl cleaning solution
  • Mild cleaning solution

For both cleaning solutions, we recommend using vinegar. Vinegar is effective in disinfecting your toilet as well as being a natural cleaning solution. If the smell of vinegar is too strong, we recommend using a fruit infused one or using hydrogen peroxide instead. 

First, Clean the Toilet Bowl

It's best to start off by cleaning the dirtiest part of the toilet: the toilet bowl. Spray the cleaning solution into the bowl and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, scrub every part of the surface with a toilet bowl brush, covering the hidden upper parts as well. If you own a seat type bidet, be careful not to hit the bidet nozzle since this part can be sensitive.

Cleaning a Bidet Seat or Attachment

Start by cleaning everything around the nozzle

When cleaning the bidet seat or attachment, you'd want to start off by cleaning everywhere around the nozzle. You can easily do this by wiping down everything with a piece of cloth and cleaning solution or vinegar. For a thorough clean, make sure to clean under the seat and every small corner where filth has built up.

Cleaning the nozzle

To access the nozzle on electric bidets, press the cleaning button for three seconds and the nozzle should come out for cleaning. If your bidet has a second nozzle, another three second press will have the second nozzle come out for cleaning. After extending either nozzle, unplug the unit to prevent the nozzle from retracting while being cleaned. 

If the nozzle is removable, then remove and soak in a cup of vinegar to remove the clog. If the nozzle is not removable, then fill a bag with vinegar and tie it to the nozzle with a rubber band around the top. Make sure the nozzle is completely covered in the vinegar and leave for 2 to 4 hours or overnight. Remove the bag, clean the nozzle with a toothbrush or small brush, and rinse with water.

After Cleaning the Bidet

If you're noticing an odor coming from your bidet seat, it might be coming from your carbon air deodorizer. Some carbon air deodorizers last for a couple years while others last for much longer. When you need to replace the carbon air deodorizer depends on your unit and usage so check with the bidet manufacturer to see when you should change yours.

Cleaning a Bidet Sprayer

The nozzle for a handheld bidet sprayer is different from a bidet seat/attachment but the process is similar. 

  1. Detach the spray head and wipe away as much visible residue as possible with a small brush or toothbrush.
  2. Pour some vinegar into a bag and immerse the shower head for about an hour. 
  3. Take out the spray head and use the brush again to scrub off dirt and residue that came loose from the vinegar. 
  4. Reattach the spray head and run the water to flush out the inside and you're done. 

Cleaning a Standalone Bidet Sink

A standalone bidet sink doesn't have a nozzle so the main job is to clean the fixture. Simply pour some vinegar or cleaning solution onto the bowl and wipe down with a cleaning cloth. After wiping, leave the bowl to air dry before using. 

Cleaning a Portable Bidet

Cleaning the portable bidet can be divided into cleaning the nozzle and cleaning the container. For the nozzle, detach it from the device, dip it in vinegar, and scrub gently with a toothbrush. When cleaning the container, you can use a light soap to gently rinse it out. Leave both parts to dry thoroughly before taking it for your next outing.


Cleaning and maintaining a bidet only takes a few minutes to do, but it can result in a cleaner, longer-lasting bidet. 

Tiffany Wong

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