Roomba 675 Review | A Reliable Robotic Vacuum for Pet Hair & Other Debris

You likely have an image of the classically circular robot vacuum called the Roomba already. It’s true that the Roomba is a well-known brand when it comes to cleaning your home, but let’s face it: not all Roombas are made equal. Some Roombas work better for different types of flooring, others cost more than you’re willing to spend, and there’s also various features to consider. To get your home clean every time, you’ll need the right Roomba for you. So, check out our Roomba 675 review to learn all you can about your Roomba and to avoid wasting money on a vacuum that won’t work for you.

The Roomba 675 includes a 3-stage cleaning system and dual multi-surface brushes that help it pick up everything from small particles to large debris. Whether you need your Roomba to pick up pet hair or grab the stray pieces of pet food that your furry friend has left around, the 675 Roomba pet series can clean it up in a snap.

This is because there are patented dirt detect sensors in this Roomba that will prompt it to work harder on concentrated areas of dirt. Set your Roomba to work and it’ll go to the high traffic areas of your home without you even asking.

The Roomba will swivel around and under furniture without crashing into anything thanks to the intelligent sensors. These sensors, along with the edge-sweeping brush, will also help you get dirt away from the corners of your home.

If you’re not at home and you’ve forgotten to schedule your iRobot Roomba to clean, simply Grab your phone and log into the iRobot HOME app. It works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant too. Your Roomba will keep running for up to 90 minutes before it docks itself to recharge, so you never have to worry about this Roomba vacuum robot whether you’re at home or not.

Does it work well?

Yes, your Roomba will move about in a random pattern. What we liked was that it was quiet when it moved. You can compare it to the noise of a fan on high. You won’t hear any bumps from the Roomba knocking into furniture or have to help it out when it transitions to different types of flooring.

roomba can clean your kitchen as well

We used our Roomba for wood floors before it jumped over to the carpets without any issue. It was a great pet Roomba, picking up pet hair and dander without a problem on both surfaces. Once it was done cleaning, we could sit back and relax as it docked itself with a little jingle to let us know it was done.

There’s the possibility that your Roomba may get stuck on something though. With charging cords everywhere in our homes, you might forget one. If that does happen, the Roomba will let you know with a series of beeps. We picked up our Roomba and detached the brushes without a problem to untangle it.

Main Parts/Materials/Components

We loved the wi-fi on this Roomba and the auto-adjust cleaning head, both of which made this little device easy to use. All we had to do was access the app to get it to work without messing with the brushes first. If you don’t have great wi-fi connectivity or just don’t care to use the app, it’s simple to program the Roomba for carpet or wood flooring. Then when you want it to begin its cleaning cycle, click the button on top.

We watched our Roomba for the day, noticing the soft bumper on the front half that protected both our Roomba and the furniture. Once it finished its job, it was simple to access the latch on the side to empty out the dust and clean out the filters.

How long does it last?

Your Roomba is generally low-cost and should only cost you a small amount every year to maintain. The lithium-ion battery is meant to continue to last over the years, and after 2-3 hours of charging can keep going for 90 minutes. If it does happen to break, Roomba does offer a 1-year warranty, as well as a 30-day return policy if you make your purchase from Amazon.

The Roomba Brand

Roomba are not the only makers of intelligent robot vacuums on the market. But they are one of the first, and undeniably one of the best robot vacuum for pet hair models.. Roomba’s innovative design changed the game in home vacuum cleaners, and they continue to improve and adapt as new technology becomes available.

home vacuum cleaners

Today, there are seven generations of Roomba vacuum available for consumer purchase, each an improvement on the last. They all use the original cleaning design: two counter-rotating brushes that pick up heavy debris followed by a high-suction vacuum for finer dust, leaving a spotless trail wherever the vacuum goes.

More recent models take advantage of onboard cameras and smart sensors so that the Roomba can “see” where it is going, as well as remember where it has been. Wifi connectivity has also become a standard for newer generations of Roomba.

Starting, scheduling and tracking your vacuum cleaner from a smartphone app or voice-controlled home device brings home cleaning into the twenty-first century.

As far as quality and durability, you are guaranteed a great value with a Roomba purchase. Unlike Samsung or other big tech brands, Roomba only does one thing, and they do it superbly. There is a reason the go-to name for any robot vacuum cleaner is “Roomba.”

The iRobot Roomba 690 is a sleek and modern robot vacuum, comparable with the Roomba 675 but at a slightly higher price. It has wifi connectivity for ease of use around your home and is compatible with a voice-controlled home assistant like Alexa, so you can start it just with a voice command.

The cleaning performance of the Roomba 690 is just like that of the Roomba 675. It has the same three-stage cleaning system, dirt detectors to help it concentrate on messier areas, and runs for the same 90-minute length before docking and charging itself.

It also performs well around tight corners and is capable of cleaning narrow edges against walls. However, the Roomba 690 is not as well-equipped for picking up pet hair as other models, including the Roomba 675. If you have pets in the house, you may want to reconsider this vacuum.

One advantage of the Roomba 690 compared with the Roomba 675 is its virtual wall barrier, which provides extra prevention against collisions – great if you are worried about fragile objects on the floor. Other than that, they are both super high-quality robot vacuums.

However, the 690 does come with a slightly higher price tag. Unless you specifically need the virtual wall system, we would still recommend the Roomba 675 over the 690.

The Roomba brand is not the only producer of high-quality, intelligent robot vacuums out there. The Samsung Powerbot is a considerable alternative to the Roomba 675. With wifi connectivity, an intelligent virtual mapping system and high suction and cleaning power, it will certainly get the job done well.

However, the Samsung bot comes at a remarkably higher price than a Roomba for a nearly identical cleaning quality. It does have a unique rubber blade built into its design to help it clean around edges, but most home tests have shown that the Roomba performs just as well with tight corners and wall edges.

One area where the Samsung Powerbot may have an advantage over the Roomba (according to Roomba reviews) is with pet hair – it's special self-cleaning brush is perfectly designed to remove tangled pet hair as it cleans. This prevents clogs and saves you from having to regularly detangle big clumps of hair yourself.

That said, the Roomba 675 holds its own against pet hair and is great deal cheaper. Not to mention that the Samsung vacuum has a different look than the Roomba – a little chunkier, not quite as sleek and modern. It also does not come with the same trusted quality that is tied to the Roomba brand.

Unless pet hair is your primary cleaning priority, we still place the Roomba over the Samsung bot in terms of a great-quality, intelligent cleaner. Both the Roomba 690 and the Samsung Powerbot are superior, well-designed and high-performance intelligent vacuum cleaners.

However, when compared with the Roomba 675, they both come across as unnecessarily expensive for the very same, or even just slightly lower, level of quality.  


Our Roomba 675 review will help you decide if this Roomba is the right one that you should buy. There’s no doubt, however, that the Roomba 675 is a top option when it comes to performance and cleaning up all surfaces in your home. It may be a little haphazard in its path around the home, but it works well and costs a lot less than comparable models while still getting your home clean.

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Tiffany Wong