Steam Vac Review | Kills Germs While Cleaning & Vacuuming All Floor Surfaces

If you have pets or children or are a lover of red wines, all of these things can leave deep and obvious stains on your carpet that will unfortunately last for a while and are hard to get out.

They ruin the look of your carpet and only get worse over time. Why should you have to pay to keep replacing the carpet or hiring professionals when you can just get a carpet cleaning vacuum to quickly and effortlessly tackle the mess for you?

In this Hoover steam vac review, we will show you why this product can save you a lot of money from not having to replace your carpets.

If you have carpet, hardwood, or even tile in your home, you know how difficult it can be to not only clean those floors but to keep them looking brand new is even more of a challenge.

The Hoover Steamvac Carpet Cleaner is comprised of all of the best equipment and cleaning power to give you that fresh carpet look every time. We will look at some of those factors in this steam vac review.

The Hoover steam vac instructions are important to follow when setting up the cleaner. You want to make sure that everything is followed exactly to ensure that operating the Steam Vac runs smoothly.

Nothing is worse than just finishing cleaning the carpet then having the dirty water spill out when you’re trying to empty the container. The manual tells you how to use it properly to prevent water from leaking. The instructions are short and easy to follow, so set up will be a breeze.

They also provide you with tips on how to use your hoover steam vac to get a perfect clean.

Does it work well?

The process of using this vacuum is very straightforward and quick to get the hang of. You pass over the carpet, tile, or hardwood a few times so the detergent can sanitize the material and then water rinses it out.

Also, we recommend that you pass over your carpet once with just hot water after the cleaner/water combination to ensure that all of the detergent is removed completely.

When you are finished cleaning, you can remove the brushes underneath and rinse them off. This ensures that your vacuum is clean throughout.

Main Components

In the process of cleaning your carpet, heat is emitted from the steam cleaner to dry your carpet so you won't have to wait hours to go into the room. With a three-speed multidirectional spinning brush, you are able to clean your carpet, tile, or hardwood quickly no matter how bad the mess is.

When a mess does happen, it is easier to plug it in and pass over the mess than try to wipe it up with napkins.

With its ease of maneuverability and 27-foot long cord, you are able to easily move throughout the room. You won’t have to worry about stepping on the cord or already damp parts of the floor. We found it easy to drag it through various rooms without having to unplug and replug in.

cleaning living room

The Smart Tank system includes two clear containers that hold the water that is used during the cleaning process. One that holds hot water and a separate one for the dirtied water. They both come out easily and individually.

The container for the clean water has a flat bottom to rest in a sink for a fill up of approximately 133 ounces. The clean water can last cleaning two wide area rooms, like a living room or master bedroom.

Stairs are a hassle to clean on their own, so this steam vac gives you the ability to clean them effortlessly with the Spinscrub hand tool.

You can clean the stairs, corners of walls and those hard to reach places with the same level of ease and clean that you would get using the main vacuum mouth.

The hand tool can even clean upholstery covered furniture in those surprise cases of liquid spills, pet accidents and messes, or fallen food.

Is it Durable?

When used with a reasonable amount of care, this steam vac can last up to a good ten years of service.

You may have to replace the brushes underneath the mouth every once in a while just to ensure that your floors are cleaned with a clean brush. But this is a given even with most other brands. There are no belts within the steam vac, so you don’t have to worry about those breaking every couple of years like regular vacuums.

Hoover’s customer service are reliable and they provide a lot of information about the product and how to use it. Within the one-year time span of the warranty, they are willing to send replacements for any defective parts free of charge.

The Hoover Brand

Founded in Ohio in 1908, Hoover has been a major name in vacuums for over 100 years. William Henry Hoover, while not the inventor of the stand alone vacuum, is credited as the one to make it a household necessity.

Their innovations expanded on the original concept and created a new staple in home and floor cleaning. Hoover, while starting in the United States, quickly branched off into the European market as well.

Dominating the floor cleaning market, Hoover became a household name in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland. The United Kingdom branch of Hoover also became a major appliance manufacturer, but never stopped producing high-quality vacuums and carpet cleaners.

Hoover vacuums are responsible for the creation of many features that have now become commonplace on all vacuums and rug cleaners. The company is responsible for such innovations as the empty bag indicator, lightweight body design, height adjustment and clean air circulation system.

When it comes to steam vac carpet cleaners, Hoover’s steam vac shampoo system and overall design has truly made a name for themselves as a trusted brand and a solid product.

What is a Steam Vac?

A steam vacuum cleaner is an extremely valuable household tool that cleans up messes as both a vacuum and a mop. The steam from a steam vac kills bacteria and gets a thorough clean, and the vacuum portion sucks up the water and any leftover mess.

The steam vac is a fantastic staple to any household because it makes cleaning hard floors, carpets and even furniture easy and efficient.

How to Use Hoover Steam Vac

Clear the Area

When using a steam cleaner, you first want to make sure the area is completely clear. If you are cleaning a carpet, for example, move all furniture, drapes or anything else off the carpet completely. This is important to make sure that your entire area is getting clean and to protect your furniture from damage from the steam cleaner.

Vacuum Where You Want to Clean

The next step is to vacuum the area you want to clean. Vacuuming before using the steam vac will remove any loose dirt or dust to make sure your steam vac can get to the tough stains.

Fill with Soap and Water

Now it’s time to actually start using the steam vac. Every steam vac has a compartment for water and cleaner. Simply remove this compartment and fill with warm water and carpet soap. It is important to read the directions for your steam cleaner and make sure to only fill to the maximum.

Clean From the Farthest Area to the Nearest

When cleaning, remember to start at the farthest corner from the room’s exit. That way, you can easily get to the next room without stepping across areas you already cleaned. Be sure to read the instructions to find out how to work your steam vac, but most operate with a trigger that releases the steam.

Press the trigger and move the steam vac in straight lines, let off the steam, then go back over the area you cleaned, using the scrubbing mechanism of the cleaner. Repeat until the entire surface is clean.

Let the Area Dry

Finally, let the clean area dry completely before replacing furniture or walking over it. You can even open a window to accelerate the drying process.

How Effective is it?

Kill Germs in a Harmless Way

Steam vacs, unlike other cleaning products, use heat above 200 degrees to kill 99.99% of bacteria instead of harmful chemicals and do so very effectively. This makes them an eco-friendly and safe way to clean.

Can be Used on Many Surfaces

Steam vacs are also extremely effective because they can be used on multiple different surfaces using different attachments. From removing stains on carpet and upholstery to killing mold on hard flooring, steam vacs do it all. They can also be used on glass to avoid streaks and sanitize kitchen tools and appliances, such as cutting boards and sinks.

Selection Criteria for Steam Cleaners

Industrial vs Commercial

One thing to consider is how you will be using your steam cleaner. If you are going to be using the cleaner in an industrial or outdoor setting, you might want to opt for a continuous, wet steam cleaner, which uses lots of water and a reserve water tank to constantly supply steam.

If you are just looking for a household steamer, a dry, batch steamer would be best. This option uses less water because it releases steam in batches, not a continuous supply.

Cleaning Ability

How well a steam vac works is dependent on multiple factors. A steam vac that gets very hot is going to be more effective at killing bacteria, and one with a separate soap dispenser will allow you to choose the areas that receive more or less soap, which is particularly important for spot cleaning.

Attachments and Accessories

The types of attachments you need depend on your home and lifestyle. A steam cleaner with a long hose and stair attachment is a necessity for a home with carpeted stairs. If you want to clean furniture with steam, consider an upholstery attachment. Various attachments are particularly important for a home with pets, so you can easily clean up stains pets make in any part of the house.  

Maintenance Tips

Wipe down and Change Attachments

It is important to care for your steam vac to make sure it is working properly. An important way to do this is to wipe down the steam vac and it’s bristles to remove debris. Changing out attachments as they wear down will also keep your steam vac working at the best of its ability.

Drain the Tank after Every Use

It is also important to drain the tank every time you use your steam vac because leaving water in the tank between uses can lead to leaks. After draining, you should allow the steam vac to dry completely before storing it.

Remove Scale from the Tank

Something many people don’t think about is the hard water scale buildup on your steam vac’s boiler that comes from mineral buildup while water is heated. Cleaning scale off of the boiler will keep your steam vac functioning properly for a longer time.

Competing Products

1. Shark Navigator Lift Away

The Shark Navigator Lift Away steam vac is designed to give you a versatile and effective cleaning without having to spend a lot of money. The Navigator Lift Away can be used on a wide range of surfaces like home carpets, tile, hardwood floors and the floor of your vehicle.

While it is incredibly effective for the price, the Shark Navigator Lift Away does lack the necessary suction to use on hardwood floors. It will help in picking up larger objects, but on hardwood, it tends to move smaller things around without being picked up.

On rugs and carpets though, the Lift Away steam vac can reach areas many can’t and clean without having to remove your furniture or belongings.

If you are looking for a steam cleaner at an affordable price that will handle your rugs and carpets, the Navigator Lift Away is definitely worth the investment.

How does it work?

The Life Away steam vac is given its name due to the life away design feature that allows you to get to hard to reach areas. This is done by simply pressing a button to lift the canister off the rest of the vacuum and instantly slim down the design.

This model of vacuum by Shark is also made from lightweight materials and features HEPA grade filters that will aid against allergens and dust particles building up.

The suction will easily remove dirt and debris from your rugs and carpets and promote healthier air quality by removing anything that could get into the air and preventing what is sucked up from escaping the vacuum.

Compared with the Hoover Steam Vac though, we would recommend you go with the Hoover. The Hoover is more powerful and heavy duty with its awesome 12-amp motor.

Bissell Big Green is quite a literal description. This steam vac doesn't just look powerful but backs it up with features like larger than normal brushes, strong suction and double tanks.

The Big Green also has a nine-foot hose for attachments and a 25-foot cord to make sure you won't have to stop short. While you are getting so much for your money, you will need to spend more to get more.

The Bissell Big Green is a professional carpet cleaner so you are paying for a professional quality machine. The Big Green is also wider and bulky enough to require you to move things around to clean and prevents you from using it in smaller or narrow spots.

How does it work?

Bissell does not use the title Professional Carpet Cleaner lightly and pulled out all the stops to provide everything you need in the Big Green steam vac. With two large tanks to cover your whole room at once, you save time and energy without having to go back and forth to empty the tanks.

The Big Green has an extra large PowerBrush and heavy duty suction to get the deepest clean that will also dry fast. Bissell’s Big Green works to clean not only stains, but odors as well and are ideal for stains made by vomit, urine, and alcohol stains.

For anyone with multiple pets or pets that are prone to accident, the Big Green is a must have to keep your carpets clean and long lasting. Bissell also gives you a five-year warranty on the Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner so you can rest assure that this steam vac has your covered.

As compared to the Hoover, this Bissell model is a lot more expensive. Its price point isn’t for everyone and it’s more of a industrial model that is often unnecessary for your home. The Hoover is a much better choice for an average price point. It gets the job done at home well enough.


This great hardwood floor steam vac will get  your carpets the cleanest they could possibly be. With its multiple features, accessories, and quick drying time, the Hoover Steam Vac with Clean Surge Carpet Cleaner is certainly the best on the market.

Tiffany Wong